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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

First Day in Tucson

Hi I just wanted to let you know I made it safely to my first area. I am serving in the Tuscon South East area. We have two wards: Rita Ranch, and Desert Willow. My companions name is Sister Drown, she has been out for 8 months and is from Kearns UT. 
Yesterday right after we got off the plane we went to visit the Mormon Battalion sight in downtown Tucson. We parked about half a mile away. At this point it was me and the 10 Elders that I flew here with, the 3 ap's, and the mission president. It's a tradition to have each new comer grab a Book of Mormon and run to the monument. Did I mention that it was half a mile, up a hill!? Picture me as the only Sister running with these Elders up this hill! And better yet, in a dress!! I am laughing at myself thinking about it:) 

After we went to the mission office- where all packages have to be sent. We ate lunch, talked a lot about the mission and then drove by the temple. It's so pretty! It is right by the mission home where we stayed the night. 

I love you and hope you are doing well. Thank you for all the support. 

Love Sister Carter  

Arrival at the Tucson airport with 10 elders!

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