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Monday, May 22, 2017

A God of Miracles

… and just like that its MAY!!!
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the beautiful spring while it lasts!  

This week was a pretty tough week as all of our investigators dropped their baptism dates, majority of our lessons canceled, and people are playing the hide and go seek game. Except they are much better at the hiding part than we are at the finding/ seeking! 
NONETHELESS  God is a mighty miracle worker. Sunday everything seemed to flip around. The less active recent converts we have been trying so hard to get ahold of came to church, the entire Holt family (our miracle self referred 2 less actives and 2 potential investigators) came to church, and we met a new less active that set up a time to meet with us, AND the cutest little family that we accidently ran into wants us to come back tonight. After such a discouraging week I was am humbled to know that this is the Lords work. Everything is done in His time. With faith, diligence, obedience, and a large dose of humility miracles WILL ALWAYS come. 
-Exchanges with Sister Steele! Sister Steele is one of the most diligent, determined, bold missionaries I have ever met and it was so great to learn from her. We had a goal to find when we teach and teach when we find. Throughout the day she would see people on the road walking and she would whip the car over and roll down my window and have me just start talking to them adfaagaklga;lgha;eio; ahhhhh it was so scary but after a few tries I got the hang of it and it became so fun to talk to everyone! 
-Edgar got passed over to the YSA sisters:/  but he invited us to come eat dinner at the only Mexican restaurant in our area... and it was amazing! He is such light in our lives and I can't wait to see him progress. He won't be getting baptized for a while but we can go to his baptism when he does! 
-Saturday we went on the hunt for a less active lady. We drove down this dirt road & had to pull the car over and walk because it was too bumpy. By this point we didn’t have service and there was only a few houses. And for some reason her house didn’t exist anywhere! we knocked on almost all the houses there and no one knew who she was or where the house was supposed to be... i mean its a desert... how lost can a house really get?!? haha anyways we never found it but it made for a fun time! 
Later the AP's had to drop something off at our apt. they drive a minivan and as they were walking to their car one of our thuggin neighbors was showing his friend the new bass in his car that was parked next to the AP's mini van. He is blasting his music so loud all the windows in the building were vibrating. He was messing around with the AP's being funny and so Elder Jackson look at him with a big grin and said oh yeah, check this out and pressed the button on the keys to open the sliding doors on the mini hahaa it was so funny everyone couldn’t stop laughing who knew we could befriend our neighbor with a minivan?
SO MANY Miracles are happening at the Temple right now. All of the construction workers are under strict rules as they are on the temple grounds regarding their language and conduct. Many of the 'harsher' men have softened their hearts and get mad at others who use bad language they will tell them, "This is sacred ground, you cannot say things like that here". They have felt the unique spirit that surrounds the temple and are protective of it!
A member told us about ‘The Miracle of the Tile’ yesterday
One man who is very good at his job measured all the tile for the hallway and got to work. At the end of the first day he wasn't even half way done and he knew there was no way that the remaining tile would finish the job. He asked the other men to give some of their tile to him so that he could finish the main hall. In the morning he came back to find that no one had given him any tile. He became frustrated and felt inadequate. He couldn't figure out why he had measured wrong and why he wasn't going to have enough tile. After thinking it over, he decided to get to work and finish what he could and he wouldn't look at the pile so he couldn't get discouraged. By the end of the day he had one spot to fill, and he finally looked back at the tile pile. There was one piece remaining. By a small miracle he completed the job with exactly enough of the original pieces. He now goes around to the other workers stating, "I LIVED THE MIRACLE OF THE TILE" 

God does work many miracles. Not only at the temple grounds but in the hearts of the people here in Arizona. I am so grateful to be witnessing God reach out in love to so many of his children!  

Moroni 9:15 "... God has not ceased to be a God of miracles."

Sister Carter 

1. Olivia is incredible!!! is Edgar!!
3. So is Mexican food
4/5. Incredibly lost on the dirt road just hoping for a ride back to our car 
6/7/8. The most beautiful GREEN oasis we found all the way out by the horse therapy farm on the far side of our zone. And the cutest cows/ house  
9. Sister Steele 

Sister Emily Carter
Arizona Tucson Mission
939 West Chapala Drive 

Tucson, AZ 85704

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