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Monday, May 22, 2017

He is Risen!

Hello!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! 

The trio is splitting up! 
Sister Adams and I will be staying in this area and Sister Drown will be heading to North West. It will be strange not having so much going on but I am excited for whats ahead with Sister Adams! 
Sister Adams explanation of her in a trio: "Being in a trio is like straddling the bar between two seats on a tandem bike"

This week at the farm we made some wonderful cccooommmmppoossttt!!! haha SO nasty. We had layers of hay and chicken poop and llama poop that we would spray down with water and turn it. As we were doing this we got covered in chicken/llama poop and other goodness from our waist down. Our car smelt beautiful on the way home:))

Another service activity we had was for a part member/ less active family. We raked their rocks for a few hours... haha the landscape here is so bizarre to me!! 

Miracles with Donald: 
Our lesson with Donald this week began quite hectic. There are a lot of people living at their house which makes for loud distractions. During our lesson we asked the teenagers to turn of their music. One of them, Brandon, walked over and happened to mention something about golf so I jumped on that! Thank you Aunt Rose for updating me on the Masters.. little did you know that information would be a small and simple miracle because Brandon ended up joining us for the entire lesson. Everything we had planned directly answered questions he asked. It was an incredible teaching moment, all that occurred because of the beautiful game of golf:) 

Easter Sunday was such a unique experience being a missionary. I was missing out on the family egg hunt and eggs benedict but the joy and love I felt here made up for it times a thousand. The members here reached out to us so generously and we jumped from family party to family party. There were many opportunities for missionary work with extended familys and I was amazing at how accepting they were of us! I truly saw many Easter miracles! Plus we had a German dinner with the Wienzinger family thats was one of the best meals ive had in my life!! 

I loved to see the purest Joy that comes from Christs resurrection. He already paid the price so that we can receive the priceless gift of being with our families for eternity. If you are not jumping for joy at this thought, then get on your feet and do so now!! We are promised so much light at the end of our journey here on earth! Our journey also contains an immense about of light itself. Easter has brought so much light into my life as I focus on Christ and the gratitude I have for all he has done. Easter symbolizes everything I am living for! Christ is the King of Kings and he stands triumphant over death, He is risen! What Joy this sweet sentence brings. I hope each of you can see the joy in your life that comes from our Savior and the sacrifices he has made for each of us. Look to His Light for hope, continued faith, and undoubting JOY!

All my love, 
Sister Emily Carter

1. In the STL's area we found the mosr beautiful GREEN pecan grove!!! Reminds me of Gwa and Grandpas orchards! 
2. The Sisters made us all a cute little fort for transfer calls💛
3/4. The District 
5. Easter with the Padillas 

6. Easter 

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