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Monday, May 22, 2017

Spiritual Frying Pan

So uplifting yet eye opening at the same time! SO many things to improve on... therefore we decided conference is much like a spiritual frying pan to the face haha😮😊

So exciting 5 New temples!!!! Sister Adams thought President Monson was going to say April Fools after announcing the Pocatello temple (her hometown) haha. 
I loved every minute of conference. I wish I could share every thought of mine but that would take entirely too much time and I am hoping most of you gained your own insights:) One talk I did love was Mark A. Bragg who spoke of the Light of Christ. He compared seeking light as part of our spiritual DNA. We need to take comfort that there is ALWAYS light to be found. He mentioned a quote by President Boyd K. Packer: "The Light of Christ is as universal as sunlight itself. Wherever there is human life, there is Spirit of Christ. Every living soul is possessed of it.... It is the inspire of everything that will bless and benefit making. It nourishes goodness itself" 
I have been witness of this Light over the last few weeks. When light is discovered-better yet uncovered-,love shortly follows, understanding of the gospel occurs, love of the Savior is recognized and conversion evolves. I am so lucky to see this light consuming individuals in the Arizona Tucson mission. With the temple open house around the corner so many doors are being opened, hearts softened, and evidences that the work is hastening TODAY!!! 

I hope each of you took to heart President Monson's powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. The day I got to the mission field they made us run half a mile up a hill to a Mormon battalion monument with a Book of Mormon in our hand. I started reading this copy of the book that afternoon and finished it this conference weekend. What a steadfast testimony President Monson added to my own. This book is true and I can tell you that with every bit of my heart!!!! 

A little update on the area: 

We received an online referral from this does not happen in our area so we were overjoyed!!! Turns out this mom named Olivia Holt referred herself and her 2 sons! WHAT. haha she is amazing!! She got baptized 8 years ago but fell away shortly after because of unanswered questions. After all these years the last 2 weeks her and her husband decided this is the church for them and we are so excited to help her come back and answer her questions! And her sons are our 2 new investigators!

Donald is doing great. We had the most amazing Plan of Salvation lesson at the church with different rooms set up for each step of the plan. It was so powerful!! 

Sunday morning we watched conference with a less active/ potential investigator family (the 2 9yr olds are potential investigators) It started off in spanish for the first little while and we read the english subtitles hah but no worries we figured out how to change it to english. In opening song the little boy Aiden (he has ADHD and a little autism but watched more than half and was so good!) but he stands up and said

 "Oh my gosh I see Donald Trump!!!" 

hahahhahahahha he saw a man in the choir that had hair that look similar to Donald Trumps and assumed it was him. We had a conference bingo to keep him focused. At one point he looked over at sister Admas and slapped his hands on his face exclaiming

 "Ah I cant stop thinking about mind craft but I know I need to be listening to this so bad and I know if I get baptized it will make all my problems wash away" From the mouth of babes hah🙃

Sunday afternoon we were just sitting at the church doing our companion study and a woman walked into the chapel and started talking to us. We found out that she was homeless and hadn't eaten anything. We had the veggie tray in the fridge that had just been given to us and were able to give it to her along with water bottle. It was so humbling to see someone being so kind when they had so many needs. The worst part about being a missionary is there is a rule that we cant give money to people. It was so hard to see money in my bag that i had no need for and couldn't give it to this woman. 
Luckily we saw Bishop walk into the church he offered to let her stay the night at his home and to feed her dinner. She didn't take the offer I think she was a little overwhelmed by everything we had offered her she kindly declined. we gave her a list of libraries and our email in case she needs anything. I hope that she stays safe. 

We also found out Hefsy is going to jail... :(( but no worries we got permission from president to go teach her there!!! should be interesting..she could really use a spiritual frying pan 

Our neighbor moved out of his apartment & happened to move 30 minutes away into our area! (And in a non stalker like way we found out his exact house😊😊) So we got a new neighbor and he thinks its the most awesome thing in the world to either blast music, turn the tv on or chat (loudly) with friends outside every hour of the night💙💙💙💙
Sister Adams is soo not happy with this so every morning at 6 she blasts hymns right back at him hahhaha.we are working on our Christ like love:)

Some of my favorite things from conference: 
Gary B. Sabin - "Be ALL in and stand up on the inside"
Yonn Hwan Choi - "Look UP during challenging times!"
L. Whitney Clayton - "He knows the way because he is the way"
Dieter F. Uchtdorf - "Let us replace fear with Christ's perfect Love" 

My challenge to everyone is to share the Prince of Peace Easter video with at least 1 person this week!!! 

Sister Carter 

1/2. The hike we went on last monday in this little creek in the middle of nowhere!
3. Golfing with sis schot she is the best 
4. Elder burns cousin of a highachool friend 
5. Sister Spencer / Haskins

6/7. THE PADILLA kids! They wanted to give me 'missionary super powers' hence the goggles hahahh

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