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Monday, May 22, 2017

Small and Simple, yet Huge and Profound

Hello I hope everyone is doing well and know that I love you each so much and I am so lucky to have each of you in my life!! 
Happy Late St. Patricks day!! 

This week has been full of lots of crazy but lots of good!

Prissilla is the girlfriend of a less active member that we met the first day I got here. Which was SO awkward. haha I will tell you that story next summer. But ever since then we have been teaching her and we have a baptism date set for April 11th!! We have to work out a few things, like living arrangements and getting her to church. She works as a care giver on the weekends and can never come to church. But guess what..... she came up with the money last minute to take her nursing board for the third and last time... and she PASSED!!! And is now looking for a new job!!....And we brought a member with us to one of her lessons that just Happpened to be the secretary at a nursing clinic in central tuscon..... and they are HIRING!! And Prissilla went and applied!!!...And she is HIRED AND STARTS ASAP!! AH  m   i   r   a   c   l   e   s The lord really does work in mysterious was, I have no doubt that he has so many more blessings waiting for Prissilla!!!! 
Half way through our lesson with Prissilla this week some Jahovahs witnesses come knocking on her door and we were like woooaaaaahhhhh there back off. Sis Adams casually stood behind Prissilla. haha 

Birds & Lemons & awesome crazy people: 
Our lessons all fell though on Wednesday so we decided to try some people on a part member/ less active list. We only had this name of a family and literally no idea their background. We knocked on the door so see when we could come back and have a lesson with their family (after we figure out what on earth thier situation was and why they name was on this list) only she willingly threw open her door and told us to come in. Whattt?? that doesnt happen. so of course we headed in. She is literally a crazy bird lady. She has sooooo mannnyy peeettsss. Including a a giant mccaw, all these other mccaws, a grey feathered africian, and a ton of tropical birds with lots of colors and it was nuts. they fly all around the house. and she just sat us down and had us hold on to a bird and talked to us. We still had no idea her story with the church and if shes a less active or non member or what, but she was sooo nice to us! Her husband showed us to their back yard which is this insane little oasis and filled us with grocery bags of oranges and lemons and told us all about every cactus in their back yard. They were so crazy but so kind!! 

Timing and Tanita:
We went to go see Tanita our recent convert today, we havent seen her in about 2 weeks, literally right as we got out of the car she drove up because she had forgotten something so she was stopping at home so quick and we HAPPENDED to be there at the SAME time.  Shes been having a rough time and it was really good that we got to talk to her. 

Mormon Super Bowl: 
We decided to stop by Sis Charters house who is a recent convert and SO FUNNY. She is so out going and incredibly strong. While we were there we basically had a lesson with her friend Leah over this video app that sends minute long videos. Leah stopped taking lessons from the sisters in central becaue they were too pushy with her and she got pretty offened but she was willing to talk to us! 
Leahs kids have been hearing about General Conference so Sis Charter was trying to explain it to her. Leah was calling it the 'Mormon Super Bowl' and just saying all these most funny thigns about it. haha this was one of the best nights of my mission becaue of Leah and Sis Charter, their love for food at any function, and their love of the gospel!!! She is amazing. 
And she's so excited for this 'Mormon Super Bowl'  next weekend haha

The scripture I have been ponderizing could not have tied in better to the weeks work: In Alma 37:6 we read "..., that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass.." 
I know that with out a doubt God leads and guides this work. I have seen so many small things that are either planting seeds, developing into miracles, or helping to strengthen a testimony; even my own. There are many great things that are coming from the smallest of desires and actions!! Many people here being prepared and I am so lucky to be included in even one conversation along the path of individuals conversion! 

All my love, 
Sister Carter 

1. Yummiest oranges 
2. One of the small birds, a africian grey i think?
3. The cutest Coleman kids💕
4. Said bye to our awesome ward missionary sis williams, her and her husband are in the olympics and have to move for work to sacramento:( she is one of the most loving, charitable people I have ever met in my entire life. I am so grateful to have gotten to know her!
5.shamrock sakes for st patricks day🍀

6. We found our street!! (Sis Adams first name is Emily too😊)

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