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Monday, May 22, 2017

Goodness all around

I am full of so much joy this week! My heart fellt like it was going to burst as I got to skype in and watch Jackson open his mission call. I am so proud of you and the choices you have made to be the Lords servant!! And I am so proud to call everyone else there my family. Each day I teach people about family my gratitude for my own grows and grows and grows! I love you all so much thank you for your examples and support!! What a blessing to know I get to be with you for eternity. I know Jackson has the best support system as he prepares to come out to the field:)

This week we learned that we are really great at finding.... people for other areas haha. We have had a bunch of referrals for the YSA and for the wards in north west tucson. The work is hastening, quicker in some parts than in others but regardless it is hastening!

We have been prayerfully going over a potential investigator list and through out the whole day wednesday one name on that list kept popping into my head but i kept justifying that we have tried him so many times and no luck so far. Finally by 8 I think the spirit was about to knock me over if I didn't act on that prompting. Turns out... the gentleman finally answered his door and let us in and offered us water and wants to go to the temple open house and wants us to come back next week. His name is Shaun and he is this incredibly tall man who played basketball and football in college and is now a barber. He is the most loving genuine person and I know that God has been waiting for us to listen so that we could be guided to him. I learned to apply Elder Rasbands counsel from conference to ALWAYS be a spiritual first responder!!

Fast Sundays as a missionary are about a billion times more spiritual. I love hearing members share experiences and testify of Christ. I had the proudest mother moment as Ray Kallatsa bore his powerful testimony of his conversion story. I have been so lucky to be apart of his new member lessons. My testimony has grown so much as I watch people like him change their lives. I am so lucky to have grown up with the knowledge of the gospel and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life sharing what I know with others! 

"The Gospel brings not only hppiness but deep rooted JOY" 

1. 4 months woooooo
2. Studies at the prettiest apartment complex with grass and a pond!!
3. Just your average pet
4. Happy cinco de mayo
5. Prior to inhaling a decent sized bug 

6/7. Go together like salt and pepper 

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